Mark Banschick, MD

Our course director, Mark Banschick, MD, is a physician, a child psychiatrist and the author of the Intelligent Divorce book series. His winning strategies for raising well adjusted children during divorce was featured on The CBS Early Show. In addition, Dr. Banschick has been seen on The CBS Morning News and quoted in The New York Times and The Huffington Post. For more, see What They Are Saying.

What effect could all this have on the children?
“Protecting the children from further trauma should be the goal,” says child psychiatrist Mark Banschick, retired expert witness in child custody disputes and author of The Intelligent Divorce books. He called on the media to be careful.

“The No. 1 thing is to protect the innocence of children,” Banschick says. “They can be traumatized by something that happened but they can also be traumatized by the public humiliation that the family can experience by this exposure. The news media should really handle this in a way that respects the children….They deserve their privacy even if their parents are famous.”

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