The Family Stabilization Course

The Family Stabilization Course is a physician created parenting program created for divorcing parents.  This class is approved by the State of Florida Department of Children and families.  The course will meet a court requirement.

Taking A Parenting Course Means Healthier Children

You may be taking our course simply to help your kids, or because a court requires it. Either way, its a win-win for your children. When you know what to expect during divorce, you’re better prepared, and it’s easier on everybody. Whether you’re working with an ex or parenting alone, you can raise healthier children and protect their rights.

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Our Course Director

Our course director, Mark Banschick, MD, is a physician, a child psychiatrist and the author of the Intelligent Divorce book series. His winning strategies for raising well adjusted children during divorce was featured on The CBS Early Show. In addition, Dr. Banschick has been seen on The CBS Morning News and quoted in The New York Times and The Huffington Post. For more, see What They Are Saying.

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