The Family Stabilization Course

What They Are Saying

What the experts are saying about Dr. Banschick's Intelligent Divorce Project and his child centered Family Stabilization Course...

"Dr. Banschick brings the message of a healthier divorce to parents and professionals who need to hear it. His program serves as a virtual classroom in how to handle one of life's toughest problems."
- Leonard Shyles, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communications, Villanova University
"Dr. Banschick's unique and credible voice is pragmatic and optimistic. The clinically based parenting advice found throughout the Family Stabilization Course rings true, and this makes the course an important program for divorcing parents."
- Richard Francis, M.D., Clinical Textbook of Addiction Disorders, Founding President, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
"The Intelligent Divorce is not only well written; it can really help parents and most especially, their children.  You can feel Dr. Banschick's child advocacy on every page."
-Dan Couvrette, Divorce Magazine
"The Intelligent Divorce is a blessing. It ought to become required reading for any professional in the mental health or legal field. The book's incredible thoughtfulness and common sense invites practitioners to offer alternative, cooperative approaches, especially when children are involved."
- Sam Klagsbrun, M.D., CEO, Four Winds Hospital System, Chairman of Pastoral counseling, Jewish Theological Seminary
"The Intelligent Divorce isn't merely a book; it's a tool that anyone going through a divorce should be required to implement. It belongs on the desk of all divorce lawyers, judges, child psychologists, and every divorced or divorcing parent."
- Cathy Meyer, Certified Divorce Consultant, Founder,
"Dr. Banschick's encyclopedic work on divorce can be of inestimable value to anyone considering or already in the process of a divorce."
- Louis Getoff, Ph.D, Institute of Imago Relationship Therapy, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
"Comprehensive, well organized, and user friendly, The Intelligent Divorce is a must read for any professional or parent caring for children."
- Peter Acker, MD, FAAP, Chairman, Dept. of Pediatrics, Greenwich Hospital
"Dr. Banschick is a rare talent, as practical as Dr. Phil, as soulful as Rabbi Kushner and as savvy about men and women as John Gray. His Family Stabilization Course can guide rebuilding families so that they not only survive, but thrive."
- Jill Brooke, Contributor, Huffington Post
"The Intelligent Divorce is of critical importance for divorcing couples. Following his masterful presentation at our family institute in Jerusalem we adopted his program for divorcing couples in our community, and it has made a significant difference. I strongly recommend this book."
- Yisrael Levitz, Ph.D., Director, Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim, Israel, Clinical Psychologist, Professor Emeritus, Yeshiva University
"Dr. Mark Banschick has produced an impressive online course for family members experiencing divorce. The course is entitled The Family Stabilization Course, which is an easily accessed and user friendly program that provides useful, research-supported strategies for enhancing individual and family adjustment through the stressful changes experienced in divorce. It will be useful to parents who access the program directly, or to institutional users who will find that it will enhance their programs ... I recommend it highly."
- Robert Rocco, Cottone, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling and Family Therapy, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
"The Intelligent Divorce provides a wise and comforting voice of understanding and wisdom for easing the pain surrounding divorce. I highly recommend this book."
- Rabbi David Ellenson, President, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion
"Finally a book that focuses on raising healthy, resilient children when divorce is part of their growing up experience. By writing a practical, comprehensive book, designed not to make parents feel guilty about their decisions to separate and divorce, but rather designed to help parents make good decisions while they co-parent during and after the divorce, Dr. Banschick is contributing to the well being of the next generation."
- Rita S. Pollak, Partner: Pollak Heenan Collaborative Enterprises, Past President, International Association of Collaborative Professionals
"The Family Stabilization Course gives divorcing parents the insights, skills and resources they need for a successful resolution of the inevitable challenges ahead. Created by Dr. Mark Banschick, this online course provides support and strategies for generating the positive outcome everyone in the family deserves."
- Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, founder
"The Intelligent Divorce: Taking Care of Yourself delivers an equally powerful punch as did Book one: Taking Care of Your Children. Dr. Banschick highlights the importance of learning not to let your ex get to you while showing you how to cope with anger, anxiety, and unhealthy parenting practices. The book presents practical spirituality, a financial primer for single parents, and action plans for taking control of your fate. I cannot stress enough how beneficial Dr. Banschick's Intelligent Divorce series is to those we say we love the most but continually fight over and about: our children."
- Michael Mastracci, Esquire, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Author, Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations
"Mark Banschick leads our doctoral students through challenging psychological theories, never letting us forget our fundamental objective of moving forward with the least damage to our children."
- Carol Ochs, Ph.D., Author, Reaching Godward: Voices from Jewish Spiritual Guidance
"The Family Stabilization Course is a very powerful course that should be taken by every divorcing parent, extended family members and anyone providing care for children of divorce."
- Linda Ranson Jacobs, Director, Single Parenting Division, National Center for Biblical Parenting, Creator of Healthy Loving Partnerships for Our Kids, Developer of DivorceCare for Kids