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Debt Debate's Dysfunctional Marriage
"Like opposing spouses in a bitter divorce, both parties [republicans and democrats] claim the exclusive ability of knowing the "'right thing to do.'"
Making A Case For Staying Together
"'The question is, what do you compare divorce to?' said Dr. Mark Banschick ... 'Very often a divorce is a very positive step in relieving the burden of a high-conflict marriage on a child.'"
Your Kids Come First - The Intelligent Divorce
Teenagers, Divorce and When (and When Not) to Medicate: Part Two
Children and Divorce: How Much Truth is Too Much Truth?
Your Kids Come First – The Intelligent Divorce
The Gores' Separation Begs the Question: How Does Any Marriage Last a Lifetime?
"As my colleague, Dr. Mark Banschick, author of The Intelligent Divorce wisely explains, 'the person who is more selfish will think, I need to be happy, my marriage will make me happy or I will find another relationship that will make me happier.'
Stepping Up for Your Child: Why You Must Take The High Road With Your Ex
Control Freaks Like Madonna Have Hard Time Sharing Custody After Divorce
"'Parents are entitled to a wide choice of parenting styles in a country as open as the United States,' says Dr. Mark Banschick... 'They then have a choice: they can cooperate or confront.'"
Because Pain Makes You Self-Centered, a Doctor Wants a Kidney Back and a Feuding Ex-Wife Sabatoges A Teddy Bear