The Family Stabilization Course

About The Course

The Family Stabilization Course is designed to help parents negotiate the complicated and sometimes unbearable terrain of divorce with dignity, wisdom, and a healthy dose of reality. When parents commit to divorcing with intelligence, they commit to protecting the innocence of their children. This is the most important reason for teaching this course, and we hope it will be your biggest reason to take it. The Family Stabilization Course is an on-line, English-language program.

Insure Your Kids' Well-Being

Think of it as an insurance policy for your kids' wellbeing. People insure homes, cars, and even their own lives against the unpredictability of life, reassuring themselves in case something goes wrong. You may be losing your marriage, but you don't have to lose a positive sense of yourself or a healthy relationship with your kids. There are ways to intelligently protect all of you.

Learn To Avoid Parenting Mistakes

The key is that most parents only realize their mistakes after they make them. Take a look at the following image.

Janet is on the phone with her friend and telling her how angry she is with her ex husband. The only problem is that Sam, her son, is in the room. Now he has to wonder if his father really loves him or not.

Does Janet remember this moment the next day? Probably not.
Does Sam remember it the next day? Certainly, and maybe for a long time to come.

The Family Stabilization Course can help you make the right decisions. You will never be perfect, but you can avoid some bad mistakes.

Florida State Approved

The State of Florida requires parenting classes as a matter of public policy. The goal is to help parents at a critical time in the lives of their children.

This is a wise policy - and the research bears it out.

Mark Banschick, MD
Course Director

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